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JSH35 Heat Elevator Storage Water Heater

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Innovative Features

  • Centralised Multi-point System with Enhanced Dry-Burn protection
  • For 1 standard Shower and 1 Wash Basin / 1 Rainshower 6”
  • For Kitchen Sink - Domestic Medium Usage
  • Horizontal Mounting Position
  • Capacity 35L ; 7.74 Imp. Gallons
  • Power rating 3.0kw; 240V
  • Hot water up to 70°C
  • High quality Incoloy Heating Element
  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel
  • HE Energy Saving Technology ; Save Energy 20%
  • High density CFC-Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam for durability and Long Lasting Heat
  • Antibacterial Heating Technology


  • Universal Mounting Ring Bracket (Patent Pending)
  • Expansion Bolts

Safety Features

  • Enhanced Dry-Burn Protection
  • Thermostat with Thermal cut-off
  • Pressure Relief and Drain Valve
  • Isolation barrier (for Malaysia only)
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Luxurious Hot Water delivered to your choice of shower or mixer tap system such as bathtub, jacuzzi, shower, Rainshower, sink-tap or kitchen just with the connection to the mixer tap.

Your Reliable Hot water SolutionCentralised Multi-Point System For Your Entire Home.

With leading cutting edge and technical expertise manufactured according to certified standards, Joven Storage Water Heater is the preferred choice for a hotter water solution throughout your home or premise that delivers luxurious hot water whenever you need.

Provides For 1 Standing Shower or 1 Rainshower 6” JSH35

The capacity 35L or 7.7 Imp. Gallons at 70°C can provide up to 137.67L of warm water at 38°C according to inlet temperature of 27°C. Suitable for a standing shower or a rainshower 6”.

Provides Hot Water for Domestic Kitchen Use

A 35L provides for medium frequency use in domestic kitchen for washing, degreasing, sanitising untensils, cookware or surfaces.

Heat Elevator (HE) Technology Lower Energy Use with Joven Heat Elevator


Heat Elevator (HE) technology is the wolrd’s first innovation that uses patent pending magnetic device that accelerate the convective heat transfer and improve heat stratification in water. This magnetic device is uniquely designed to weaken the inter-molecular bonding energy and accelerate the movement of water molecules to improve heating efficiency.

Energy Saving with Every Heating

The heat elevator results in an average of 20% energy savings with less energy used and electrical savings in the long run.


Long Lasting Heat

Get Longer Lasting Hot Water with Energy Saving knowing that the Storage Water Heater System has an Auto-Thermostat Cut-Out and efficient Insulation system that keeps the water hotter for longer, day or night anytime throughout the day.

Save Energy with Joven Storage Water Heater with Stand-by Energy Saving Mode


Built from high quality materials that withstand rust and rupture ensure long-lasting life and stellar performance.

  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel
  • High Quality Incoloy Heating Element
  • Electro-Galvanised Steel Epoxy Coated Outer Tank
  • High Quality Engineering Plastic
  • Rust Free Materials



Enhanced Dry Burn Protection

Centralised Multi-Point Storage Water Heater with Enhanced Dry-Burn Protection that auto-trips to ensure longer durability in an event of a dry-burn.


Isolation Barrier

Connected at both inlet and outlet of the tank, the isolation barrier acts as an isolator to ensure no accidental electrical leakage.


Thermostat with Safety Cut-Off

Thermostatically controlled at 70°c and Safety Cut-Off at 95°C.


Pressure Relief & Drain Valve

  • The Pressure Relief & Drain Valve relieves excessive built-up of pressure from the water tank during heating process.
  • Made from good quality materials to ensure no rust or rupture with prolonged use.


Easy Mounting With Universal Mounting Ring Bracket (Patent Pending)

An innovation by Joven, the Universal Mounting Ring Bracket enables easy and universal mounting of the storage heater in a horizontal position.


Instruction Manual

Local language included


Warranty Card

Local product warranty included


2 Units Universal Mounting Ring

Firm balance with mounting ring bracket


Expansion Bolts

4 units for safer mounting


Isolation Barrier

2 units to act as isolator


  • Electrical Loading
    3.0kw ; 15.0A ; 240 Va.c. ; 50 Hz
  • Tank Capacity
    35 Litres ( 5.5 Imp. Gallons )
  • Time Taken To Heat Max 70°C
    27 Mins ( 1st Heat Up From Cold Water )
    14 Mins ( Subsequent Heat Up )
  • Recommended Water Pressure
    1 – 4 Bar
  • Dimensions (W * H * L)
    381 x 405 x 641 mm
  • Approx. Weight
    Empty : 14 kg ; Full : 49 kg
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