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JWP20 Water Filter

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Innovative Features

  • Point-Of-Entry (POE) Outdoor Water Filter 
  • Durable & High Efficiency 
  • 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge 
  • Removes Dirt and Sediment
  • 3 Function Multi-Valve for Easy Selection Between ‘Filter’, ‘Rinse’ and ‘Wash’ mode.


  • 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge
  • Water Pressure Gauge

Safety Features

  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Housing
  • Anti-leak Housing Clamp
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Winner of Malaysia Good Design Award 2021


Cleaner Water With High Efficiency Outdoor Water Filter 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge Technology

The JOVEN JWP20 is a highly efficient Point-Of-Entry (POE) outdoor filter which comes with a 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge technology which efficiently removes the harmful components from incoming water supply such as Dirt and Sediment.

High Efficiency 5 Micron Filter Cartridge Technology Durable & Efficiency Outdoor Water Filter

Designed with high quality 2-Layer Non-Woven Fabric Technology to achieve 5 Micron filtration that removes impurities such as Dirt and Sediment to provide cleaner water for your daily use.


Long-Life Pleated Filter Cartridge 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

Longer length & Large Filter Surface Area 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge ensures low pressure drop and high filtration area thus, ensuring higher efficiency and longer durability.


Cleaner and Healthier Water For Your Home

Filtering your incoming water from the mains will remove Dirt and Sediment resulting in cleaner water for your household chores such as general washing, cleaning or water storage system.


Stainless Steel Housing

Ergonomic design that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions for better durability and rust free body and water.

Turn Selection Mode & Easy Backwash For Longer Cartridge Life

3 function multi-valve lever enables you to select between ‘Filter’ for normal filter function and backwash mode of ‘Wash’ and ‘Rinse’ for periodic cleaning every 2-3 month once.


Easy Installation

Just connect the Inlet and Outlet pipes to filter your incoming water from outdoor mains water system.



SUS304 Stainless Steel Housing

SUS304 Body with compact and ergonomic design for better durability and rust free body and water.


Anti Leaking Housing Clamp

The SUS304 housing clamp comes with a screw on fastener to secure and tighten the casing in place and ensures no leakage.


High Efficiency 5 Micron 2-Layer Pleated Cartridge

Inner 2-Layer Pleated Cartridge with easy periodic backwash by selecting the 3 Function Multi-Valve and change of cartridge can be done by removing housing top. Change of cartridge only recommended after 2-3 years with periodic backwash every 2-3 months once.


Water Pressure Gauge 0-10 bar / 0-150 psi

Indicates the mains water pressure. Recommended water pressure between 1-5 bars.


Instruction Manual

Local language included


Warranty Card

Local product warranty included


  • Filter Cartridge
    Long-Life 2-Layer 5 Micron Pleated Cartridge
    Large Filter Surface Area 5.0m2 (Approx)
  • Pressure Gauge
    Stainless Steel Oil Filled Type
    0 to 16 bar (0-230 psi)
  • Max. Working Pressure
    5.0 bar (75 psi)
  • Filtration Capacity
    Up to 5 Micron
    High Flow & Low Pressure Drop
  • Water Temperature
    15°C to 38°C
  • Casing
    Weather Resistance & Rust-Free SUS304 Housing
  • Connections
    3/4" BSP Inlet / Outlet
    1/2" BSP Backwash Outlet
  • Dimensions
    322 x 313 x 820 mm
  • Weight
    9.7 kg
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