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Environmental Commitment
JOVEN is a company engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing of its own range of electrical appliances for the household and is committed to conduct its business activities with minimal impact on the environment by complying with environmental legislations, regulations and other relevant corporate requirements.

JOVEN pledges to:
  1. To conserve the environment through continuous development of our R&D to create technologies that help conserve electricity and water usage.
  2. To efforts in our manufacturing process using quality materials in production to reduce wastes and carbon footprint through adhering to the standards of ISO 9001 in its operation.
  3. Practice standards of efficient usage of electricity, water and paper arising from its business activities through recycling and conservation.
  4. Applying and practice disposal of wastes, safety and health related concerns.
  5. Provide education, facilities  and training to its employees to exercise greater care for the environment
Through these practices, JOVEN will do its part for the environment through communicating these practices to its employees, suppliers and business partners.
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