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Green Storage Water Heater



Innovative Green Technology


The JOVEN electric storage water heater features Heat Elevator Technology. The world's first innovation that uses a magnetic device to accelerate convective heat transfer of fluids. The result is faster water-heating time, which not only improves energy efficiency by up to 20% but also ensures a more constant and uninterrupted flow of hot water. Its energy efficiency is recognised by leading certification bodies in Singapore. Best of all, the energy you save means you enjoy lower electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner, greener environment for you and your family!



What is Heat Elevator™ (HE)


Heat ElevatorTM is the world's first innovation that uses patented magnetic technology to accelerate the convective heat transfer in fluids and to improve heat stratification. The magnetic device is uniquely designed to weaken the bonding strength in fluids as such that the heating efficiency is improved through accelerated movement of the fluid's molecules.




·         Saves electricity consumption by up to 20%1

·         Improves energy efficiency in convective heating devices by up to 20%*

·         Accelerates convective heat transfer of fluids and heat stratification

·         Weakens the inter-molecular bonding energy in fluids, there by increases the movement speed of fluid molecules

* Results vary and are based on 15L to 91L water storage tank sizes. Test procedures are adopted from the

"First-Hour rating" test as described in DOE 10 CFR Part 430 guidelines (USA)




How Does The Heat Elevator™ (HE) Works


The comparative photos below are thermal infrared images taken on a 150 litres open tank surface. It shows the effect of the Heat Elevator™ during water heating after 3 minutes and 8 minutes of heating respectively. At the 3rd minute, the heater with HE installed have more heat loops. The convective heat energy movement is accelerated faster than before. At the 8th minute, the heated water is spread wider across the tank with the HE installed. There is less heat trapped at heating element thereby prolonging heating element operating life.


* O represents the heating element position


1 Test results are courtesy from TÜV SÜD PSB

2 Test method is adopted from USA test guidelines (DOE 10 CFR Part 430) as specified by Singapore

Standard (SS 530 : 2006)

3 Incoming water @ 14.4°C; supply pressure @ 2.75 bar; flow rate @ 11.4 L/min


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